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Oslo - last day & trip back to Rennes

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8.30 - waking up before Torill gets home - breakfast surprise : some Kvikk Lunsj (official hikers chocolate) from Torill


9.30 - We went for a walk in the forest nearby with Torill and Gunda - who was crazy about balloons (we've found some because of a birthday party) - everything was so calm, quiet and beautiful, just like as if the rush-world outside would have stopped existing


10 AM - we went separate ways with our host - she was heading back home - we were heading the lake


11 AM - Clotilde's first steps on a frozen lake - it's getting pretty windy - people are snowkiting - having a kvikk lunsj on the tiny island in the middle

12 AM - heading back home, taking the bus - becoming addicts

1 PM - after lunch we finally go to the Munch museum - I have to admit, we were quite disappointed - it's cool and they have some pretty cool pieces of art but it's soo small for it's price! And you have to pass 2 times the security check of an airport in order to get in :D


4 PM - going to the Vigeland park - a Schönbrunn alike, but with the weirdest, meanest and most naked (if that can be said) sculptures ever seen.


6 PM - back home - meeting Sarara an Indian girl, who got surprised by her boyfriend with an Oslo-Stockholm-Amsterdam trip! We teach her to play uno. It's really funny because it seems like we're always against her and she doesn't stops getting all the +2s and +4s, and she always asks us what color to choose, or just says a random one, which turns out she doesn't even has. She's really sweet and kind though.


After getting tired from uno, we take a picture of Sarara with every possible dog statue, dog magnet, dog poster or whatever doggy thing we can find, they're like everywhere in the house.

Later we have our last pee-walk with old Gunda.

The next day we wake up round about 7 AM, take our last bus (still without getting fined! auuuh, we did it!) to the Central Station - get a train and an other free bus (now legally) to the airport.

11 AM - we realize being as stupid as brilliant - last night we cooked our last chicken wursts, to have something to eat, but of course we've forgot about the bread. So we're chew on (majszol mint Babi néni) our sausages in the crossfire of peoples regards.

1 PM - boarding - flying - landing

4 PM - miraculously bumping into Margot, a girl that I once met on a party in Bayonne, and accidentally met later in Rennes, when she was asking me for the way, and an other time I don't remember when and where - but here she was again leaving to Lithuania. We had a quick chat and she left with Clotilde with the bus - leaving me alone at the airport waiting for my covoiturage...

9.30 - who came 5 hours later - brought me back to Rennes though - the car ride went quite slowly - she wouldn't take the highway and I was half asleep - half talking about our adventures, exhausted..

3 AM - home sweet home!

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Oslo - hangin' round


8.30 - another early wake-up - Leif had to go to school, and we didn't want to hang around all alone in the flat so we had a quick breakfast and moved our asses out in the snow

9 AM - first we went to the Opera, which is one of the coolest buildings in town despite that it's all modern covered with Italian marble, you can walk on the top of it and enjoy a panoramic view of Oslo, another cool fact: they built it so that skaters are allowed to use it.


Our other host also told us that there was quite a disaster when Justin Bieber announced giving a surprise concert at a random place in Oslo - rumors started circulating saying that the concert will take place on the top of the Opera - attracting thousands of screaming teenagers around it - funny thing is that it's built to make the image of floating on the water - needless to say all those mad teenagers jumping all over the frozen waterfront made the police come to the decision to cancel the show.

12 AM - our first visit to the supermarket - holy shit: is the perfect word for the prices we saw - so we got the slight minimum (it was okay, we were clevier enough import "cheep" food from France :D )


1 PM - pique-nique in the botanical garden wanting to g to the Munch museum - of course it's closed until saturday, so we continue to walk around


3 PM - we're at the castle which used to be a prison back then - quite interesting to see the list of the food the prisoners got at that time: 1 liter of beer a day/ loads of meat and a pretty varied diet

5 PM - getting home, it's getting dark - sun goes down around that time

6 PM - Leif prepared us the most awesome good-bye dinner we could have - beans, tomatoes, paprika, yogurt, cottage cheese and kale with fresh Pakistani bread - all good things have to end before it gets too good as he says - so we pose for a last photo and leave


7 PM - As Leif convinced us we take the bus without paying, it's really easy to do when you're a tourist - you just give them a fake name with a fake address or mumble something in Hungarian - happily we didn't have to use any of these brilliant ideas

8 PM - Arriving at our second host, Torill's place - she's a woman in her 60s - living a bit outside of town with her dog Gunda - we get the rules before she leaves to work - we have to take Gunda for a pee before going to sleep and calculate our wake-up considering that doggy can only hold it for 9 hours


we have a chilled out night, watching a movie (easy as Norwegian TV is in English), playing some cards, and finally go with the dog for a pee - we feel kind of odd, but it's funny at the same time

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Oslo - ice bathing day

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8. AM - you know the feeling when you wake up to the most annoying sound, well that's how it went, Rebecca the A-type person (who likes to wake up early) came, and made for us suffering B-types breakfast...during shower I realized how cool it is to be in Oslo, and forgot about my idea about killing everyone because it's too early...we had a nice breakfast and we were ready to explore


9. AM - the idea of walking around everywhere seems a lot easier than it is - we walked along the river when we all of the sudden faced this nice building, with lot of tags and other special kinds of street-art





we saw loads of kirkes, the theater, the university building, parks and the royal palace (which wasn't any better in my opinion as any simple big house in Vienna, besides of the funny flashmobbing guards)



we also noticed that each and every statue in Oslo has to be naked maybe in order to get your eyes off all those good looking people, who all have such an intelligent face


2. PM - best part of the day - we decided to walk to the peninsula called Bygdøy - which immediately became my favorite place in Oslo - we had a neat walk along the harbor - its quite mind blowing to see the Skagerrak strait completely frozen, that's wen I really felt how in the North we are.


3. PM - finally on the peninsula! walking around in the forest, everything quiet and covered with snow - seems like we're not the only ones coming here - we meet a guy who explains that he's really happy because he is allowed to come out each week-end for a 2 hour walk - we never get to know from where - moms with screaming babies walk by chilled, headphones on the head, smiling, enjoying the sound of silence.


4. PM - yeah baby! we arrive on the Huk beach (the nudist one - no, we had our bathing suits) - waiting Leif to show up and preparing myself on ice-bathing - Clotilde kindly makes me aware of the dangers, just like a caring mum


4.30 - There he is! Quickly introduces the gist : when taking off and (more importantly) on your clothes, be as quick as you can
never stand on the snow/ice
be quick when getting in the water


few seconds after: ready to cool down - first step in the water (3 °C) - I'm hesitating, he plunges headlong - pops his head out the water - making a face like in an ad for a drink or a sporty shower gel - but all that in quick motion - shouts at me "c'mon!" - so there I go - my body is shocked - first I can hardly breathe, but I don't have the time to think about those twice, it's time to get out - as soon as the water on my body gets in contact with the air, it freezes on me - as I rub it with my towel it looks like it's snowing - having some difficulties to get dressed quickly, but I don't feel no cold anymore - and the car is waiting for us heated

6. PM - Home sweet home, home warm home, home where you can eat home - yes we didn't have lunch that day - cooking, chilling, falling asleep on the couch with Gandhi and Clo!

8. PM - Déjà vu - déjà entendu! you know the feeling when you wake up to the most annoying sound, well that's how it went...when Leif came back home from training - talked for a while and after we watched one of the weirdest films I've ever seen in my life: Holy Motors (a french one)

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Beauvais - Rygge - Oslo

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7 AM - Early wake - yeah a pain in the ass but - Alex has to go to work
8 AM - croissant, café, sightseeing - cathedral with the highest church nave and the astronomical (and not anatomical) clock... amazing although they could have turned the lights on so that we can see something not just by flashing our cameras around...
11 AM - time to leave to the airport, wave good-bye to Alex and get some money changed (by the way getting ripped off with 6€ extra bullshit charges and being laughed at to change 70€ for 5 days - yeah well I still got some money left, so who's laughing now? :D)
3 PM - plane's leaving - with 45 min late, because of Sergei, Vladimir and Dmitri who weren't able to get to the check in for their flight to Bergamo


5.30 PM - beginning to hitch-hike, by talking to random folks on our way to the spot, where each and every car has to pass through if going to Oslo
6 PM - almost getting prepared to do the twist again, when a guy stops with a proposal to take us to the closest train station, allowing us to travel a lot cheaper than from the airport


6.38 PM - the train left 2 minutes ago, we have to wait an hour, Frode (yep, that's his name - Frode Lønli - and as he confirmed not because he's a lonly fraudster) offers us to go to his place for tea-time
7.30 PM - after hearing all his stories about his life there are a few things you have to know
- he participated on a three month hard-core training in the Hungarian Kerepesi (not temető, but) church - meditating and training his ass off non stop
- he had an accident like three years ago, so he used the Norwegian system and simply stopped working (yes you can do that) for life
- so he's travelling with his money, and his hobby is to buy old cars in the States, drive around with them, maybe go to Vegas and finally let them shipped home

8.30 PM - arrival at our couchsurfer's place - interrupting him with his sister - yeah they were watching some disturbing psychopath movie
real cool flat! we get to know his sister Rebecca, and his flatmate Marcus, presenting himself with a truly firm handshake
9.30 PM - we have dinner - chit chat - candy and uno time - then time for bed - big day tomorrow
...and I hug my Gandhi pillow stretching out on the floor

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Caen - Beauvais

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9 AM - Waky waky - coffe, brioche and ready to leave!


10 AM - On the road
one and a half hour and the first car stops - "You're trying at the bad place..I know better" - of course you do(n't)
11.45 AM - Boom - "Yeah thanks to let us on the middle of the highway"
12 AM - Woman and her mother stop - after taking us on a sightseeing tour (and taking her Mom home) we have the choice between péage (toll on the highway) or the trunk road... Péage of course - people can stop, but they still continue on the highway
12.05 AM - We have our savior of the day - girl postpones her meeting to get us to a good spot
around 2 PM - about 60 kms from Beauvais - we've got severaly cars, the last one ridiculous: mother and son (driving) - mother thinks we're either asleep or deaf - anyway - doesn't stops scolding his son picking us up - " You know they could be killers, today you never know...blablabla"
long story short, finally he drops us out near the cathedral and we get away with a compliment...on my backpack... :D

4 PM - Beauvais - town center - it's freezing
we go into a subway hungry and worn out - taking at least 10 minutes to choose our sandwiches (yeah well 2nd time in subway) - the guy seems nice, asks us about our trip, and guesses that we're couchsurfers.
4.30 PM - we admit that we have no one for the night and to our biggest surprise he offers us his place, so we hang out in the city until he finishes work
6 PM - nice appartment, dinner, music, cool guy, cute kitty - too bad Clotilde has an allergy
around midnight and after a bottle of wine and cider we go to sleep


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